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Weaves and Extensions

 Basic Sew In (Install Only)  $100

Individual Braided Track Extensions (Partial) $135.00

Deluxe Individual Braided Track Extensions (Partial) $150.00

Quick Weave $135.00

Partial Weave $135.00

Full Weave with No Leave Out $150.00

Full Weave with High Ponytail Option $150.00

Full Weave with Minimal Leave Out $150.00

2-Part Vixen $185.00

Vixen (3 Part Sew-In) $185.00

Vixen (4 Part Sew-In) $185.00

Full Weave with Flip Over Method $185.00

Full Weave with Lace Closure $185.00

Full Weave with Lace Frontal $235.00

Full Weave with Invisible Part $200.00

Weave with Cornrows at Crown $150.00

Weaves and Extensions: Maintenance and Hair Care

Weave Wash and Tightening $85.00

Weave Take Down $50.00

Lace Front/Frontal Tightening $55.00

Hair Wash+Conditioning+Blow Dry $85.00

Hair De-tangling $50

Natural Hair

Cornrows $65.00

Individual Braids with Natural Hair $85.00

Kids Cornrow $85.00

Men’s Corn Row $85.00

Crochet Braids $185.00

Crochet Braids in Vixen Style $200.00

Custom Units/Wigs

Envious Extensions Custom Wig (Hair Included) $300 and up Install Included

Custom Wig (Client Provided Hair) $150.00

Lace Wig/Unit Installation (Client Provided Hair) $135.00

Customization of Lace Closure or Frontal $50.00