The Silent Majority: A growing number of people are seeking Alternatives from Traditional Salons


As a freelance stylist, over the past few years I have learned a lot about what clients are really looking for; an affordable, relatively quick, dependable, talented stylist to say the least. Clients want to feel different after the service. There is a certain magic that happens when a beauty service is performed just right, that makes the experience unique and a worthwhile expense.
Whether that magic maybe a particular way a stylist curls your hair , or perhaps she installs your weave with no lumps, bumps or gaps. Whatever the case, a happy client will always leave their stylist feeling better than how they felt before their service. However that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.
As 2014 is coming to an end, I am constantly being told a common story amongst my newest clients. And the stories are  absolute hair horror stories. Many complain of receiving a rushed service and even botched hair services. Leaving my clients paying additional money and wasting more time and more time, after they have already paid their hard earned money to have their hair done right the first time. These ladies are tired of the frustration of basically throwing hundreds of dollars down the drain.

Back home in California, some of the best braiders and weaving professionals actually work from a home studio. This might not be true for you but for me, this has always been the case. In my own community there have always been talented stylist, who did the most amazing weaves or braids. Back in the day, you could only find these unknown gems by being referred to them; by someone you personally knew. Many of these stylist have many  years of professional hair care experience and a wealth of knowledge and skill, and provide hair care services to a small group of loyal dedicated clients for many years. Unfortunately without proper advertising they remained undiscovered by many.

Home Based Salon. This is becoming the new alternative to pricey salons.

Home Based Salon. This is becoming the new alternative to pricey salons.

Social media has changed all of that. There is a growing number of people who have discovered that going to the Salon is not the only, or even best choice when it comes to hair care. They have discovered amazing stylist who on websites like Craigslist, Instagram, Facebook, or sites like even sites like Backpage. Who can provide the same quality of services, if not better than the Stylist charging 5 times more at Salons. These stylist either work from home, travel to their clients providing mobile beauty services which is perfect for privacy and convince and sometime they rent private studios.

Todays beauty client is looking for someone who can get the job done right and for a good price. Stylist who fail to give customers a magical experience, will lose their clients to a stylist who will!




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