Dear Dolls: An Open Letter about the Changes Coming to Envious Extensions

Hello Dolls!
It’s Ashley, from Envious Extensions!!!
I know I reached out to several of you ladies earlier this week regarding the new changes coming to Envious Extensions.
I know when many of you first made contact with Envious Extensions it was with a single stylist. We understand that individual stylist aren’t always the most consistent. Whether, just a single emergency or like in our case, moving to a whole different state. So we’ve decided to hire several ladies in Las Vegas, Los Angeles. My stylist have many years of professional experience and education!!!
If you need a weave, poetic justice braids, eyelashes or what ever the beauty need, Envious Extensions has someone who can either come to you, or you can come to us.
If you prefer a stylist who works from home because you have a small child, or perhaps you just prefer privacy while getting your sew in. Our stylist can provide pictures of their work environment specifically before the appointment, just so you know where your going and your not walking into a scary situation. We have all of our stylist information and it is all available upon request!!!
No more fear of dealing with shady people from Craigslist!!! All of our stylist have references, and their work has been verified. All have of our stylist have completed several hundred hours of formal training.
You are connected to a stylist who fits your needs!!!
Please consider us for your next Weave!!!
Thank you so much!!!

Las Vegas Ladies:
#BOOKNOW ENVIOUS EXTENSIONS has featured stylist Bonnie in town now.
Bonnie is a CA based licensed cosmetologist.
She has won several hair shows and we are so proud she is repping the brand.
Las Vegas don’t miss out!!!!
Phoenix Ladies:
Nov 28-Nov 30
In Tempe Hotel
Please go to: for more information!!!

MY ENVIOUS DOLLS CLUB: Take advantage of your reduced prices, we love loyal clients!!!
REFERRALS  : Receive $5 off your next appointment for referring a friends that book with us. Earn up to $50 off next appointment!!!

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