I just found my life!!! I love this!!! Beyonce and Jay-Z on the RUN!!!

Okay first of all if you don’t at least “like” Jay-Z or Beyonce, or at least a song or two. I’d just ask you what rock you have been hiding under!!! Jay Z and Beyonce did this!!! I won’t give it away but only the real fans will understand why this made me just a lil sad.

Love love love the make up and hair in this trailer!!! Its so inspiring to see people passionate about what they do, and are constantly thinking out of the box and coming up with new ways to entertain us. Because lets face it, thats hard to do in this day and age.

The basic plot of this video is based on one of my favorite cuts on Jay-Z’s the Magna Carta, “Run”. The song obviously features Beyonce. Beyonce states in the song “Who wants a perfect loves story anyway, cliché….” Apparently Beyonce is with the business and she is down with Jay-Z, duh. Tons of cameos from Stars. Overall a very amazing tease. Enjoy Dolls….

Check it out!!!


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