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Envious Extensions, located in Fabulous Las Vegas.

Sew In Weave and Extensions: We provide First-Class Fashion Sew-In Extensions Services, for individuals seeking to enhance appearance.

Hair Loss Solutions: We offer first class prosthetic hair loss solutions & medical wigs for women, men and children who are suffering from hair loss due to a medical condition.

Established in 2012.

Stylist Spotlight✨

Miss Ashley

Hailing from Los Angeles, a city in which Hair Weaves and Extensions have been woven into the Culture. Hair Weaves and Extensions have always been a passion of mine. Memories of sitting patiently while my Mother’s stylist installed her bundles as a child, had always intrigued me.

Growing up I noticed quickly that I had always had a knack for making my own hair look extremely natural, especially when I started wearing extensions myself when I was a teenager.

Professionally, I have more than 10 years experience installing weaves and extensions for my clientele as well as making custom medical wigs for clients suffering hair loss. My weaves are known for their small flat and undetectable foundation. I am known for my growing hands, the majority of my clients experience significant growth, of their natural hair after just 2-3 installs! My clients experience a win-win when ever they choose to book with me! They are provided with a contemporary and stylish sew-in, that is also a protective style, therefore the longer my clients come in for their hair services, it seems their natural hair just grows and grows!

“My sew-in is second to none! You will experience a flat, undetectable sew in, with a secure braided foundation that is firm but not tight, allowing the natural hair to flourish.”

Envious Extensions is the best choice:

  • We are Licensed. All of our Stylist are Licensed by the Nevada State Board of Cosmetology.  Our stylist are known for being professional and polite! You can feel confident you are in amazing hands!

  • We Warranty Our Work! Our Professional High-Quality Weaves and Extensions Installs are long-lasting, safe, and very secure! No more worrying about whether or not your install will last. We will fix your hair should your install fail within the first 60 days. On average our clients sew-ins last at least 2-3 months.

  • We provide In-Salon Services at 3 Upscale Las Vegas Salons!  Our clients enjoy choosing their own salon settings, we have the choices of Northwest, Summerlin and Rhodes Ranch.

  • We Provide Mobile Services On Demand! That means we are able to accommodate your schedule. We can come to you when you need us! 

  • We bring our own Supplies! All of the equipment and supplies we bring are cleaned and sanitized prior to each individual appointment. Ensuring client safety. And since we bring our own supplies you still receive Salon Quality Services!


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